Monday, 20 November 2017

Diaper Bag Essentials

A diaper bag is a must have for every mum. We women tend to carry our entire world in our bag. I like to carry anything and everything with me that makes a over packer lol cause you never know suddenly you need something. I do the same when it comes to packing my diaper bag. I pack all those small things which I think my baby would need it. Looking at the stuff I carry I think I will soon end up carrying a suitcase with me lol 😂. From my experience of 11 months of motherhood and after lots of trial and errors I have made a list of few must haves that every mom needs while stepping out of the house with their little one. 

A diaper bag keeps you sorted while you are out and about with ur bundle of joy.There are gazillion options available in the market for a good diaper bag. Personally i have never invested in a diaper bag till date. I like to carry my big (huge) purses or backpacks as they are very much convenient and easy for me to carry around. I am a hoarder of bags so I never thought of investing in a diaper bags yet. Is there anyone who is like me and carry everything in their purses??

Here is a list of few must haves in your diaper bag. 

▪Food (formula/solid food)
▪Hot water flask
▪Feeding bottle
▪One or two pair of clothes
▪Pair of socks
▪Extra diapers
▪Wet wipes
▪Diaper rash cream
▪Hand sanitizer
▪Mosquito repellent
▪Burp cloth (if your baby is still nursing)
▪Hand towels
▪Disposable bags (to dispose soiled diapers)
▪Some snacks for baby and Mummy
▪Big scarf used for coverups while nursing your baby

These are some of the must haves that I always have in my diaper bag.

Hope this would be helpful to all the new mom's while arranging their diaper bags.
Feel free to let me know in the comments if I forgot any of the essentials and what are your must have in your diaper bags.

Hope to see you all super soon.

Till than take care..

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