Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Travelling with babies - Tips and Tricks

With holiday season round the corner we all are super ready and excited to travel to one of our dream destinations or visiting our relatives back home. Till the time we are single or no babies to accompany us, travelling is so much fun. We can be at ease while travelling. The only planning required is to choose the destination and the mode of journey and make required reservation etc. But as soon u become a parent the entire scenario changes. 

The enthusiasm of visiting new places suddenly turns into a nightmare. Travelling with kids requires a lot of planning. 
Whether it's  short journey, train or flight journey planning is the key.

What I Prefer is to make a check list of things that would be required for my babies while I am travelling. I have divided the list in three categories clothing, feeding and miscellaneous.

Clothing Essentials :

✔ Full sleeves shirt or tee. Rompers or onesies are my personal favourite as they fully covers the baby. Keep atleast 4 to 5 pairs in hand
✔Sweeters or jackets 
✔3 to 4 pairs of socks
✔Warm blankets 
✔3 to 4 hand towels 
✔Good stock of disposable diapers 
✔Woollen caps 
✔Quick dry sheet or changing mats

Feeding Essentials :

When you are travelling with a kid who has already started on solids the only problem is what to feed them when u don't have access to your kitchen. Here is a list of things I carry with me while I am travelling for longer hours.

✔Hot water flask 
          - Can be used to make formula as well as ready to eat food
✔Fresh fruits
✔Some vegetables 
✔Cooked food
           - Idilis, chapatti, rice 
✔2 to 3 bottles for milk 
✔Homemade cookies or biscuits, kurmura, etc

Miscellaneous Essentials :

✔If your baby is on formula feed than u will require bottle disinfectant to wash the bottles and sterile them. 
✔Portable jula (if your baby is use to sleep in it) 
✔Baby Carrier (to keep your hand free) 
✔Baby wipes
✔Baby powder
✔Baby lotion 
✔Hand sanitizer 
✔Diaper rash cream
(keep some coconut oil and apply it at every change) 
✔Disposable bags (to throw dirty diapers) 
✔Dry sheet
✔Toys to keep them occupied 
✔Board books
✔Soft baby napkins 
                -Medicine for vomits, fever or any other that your doctor has prescribed (you never know when you will require them) 
✔Waste cloth 
✔Night light (can be attached to power banks)

Do let me know if i have missed some of the essential items in the above list.

Till than Happy holidays and Have a happy and safe journey!!

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